Damon® Braces

  • “Tie-less” braces with high-tech wires that never need to be tightened
  • Greater comfort
  • 6 month reduction in treatment time
  • Fewer and shorter appointments
  • Easier to keep clean, which means better hygiene and healthier gum tissue
  • Reduced need for extractions, headgear, surgery or expanders

Damon® braces work faster than traditional, metal braces, are more comfortable and easier to clean.  These brackets are self-ligating, which means goodbye to elastic or metal ties that traditionally held wires in place. No wire tightening required!  Damon® braces use slide technology, allowing the orthodontist to slide the wire through special clips on the brackets and affix the position of the wire by closing the clips.  This technology accelerates tooth movement by putting less stress on the teeth, allowing them to move more easily into their desired positions. Damon braces are a simple, practical solution to orthodontics with an emphasis on comfort.

Why choose Damon® Braces.